Contact log in mobile


We would like to see when an email is sent from mobile that a contact log entry be made for that customer. Sometimes we do not know if the tech actually emailed the customer from the field or not.

2 thoughts on “Contact log in mobile”

  1. I would recommend adding an email to the BBC field in mobile. You might use a forwarding email such as service@. You may also setup a folder with an email rule. That is also handy if someone calls and says they never receive the email. You can find the email, tell them you received a copy, and resend it.

  2. We have a service@ email that is BCCed; however the emails are still missed and/or not everyone has full access to that service@ email due to other security purposes. We have set up the preferences in Reports to show printed/emailed to get reported in the Contact Log – we’d like for there to be preferences in Mobile like this as well!

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