Convert TOM invoices back into Mobile Invoices so Tech can collect

4 years agoopen4

If the technician collects a deposit against an invoice he has created in mobile and returns days later to complete the work then the mobile user has no way of collecting the final payment and applying it to the open invoice. If the office could somehow tell tom to convert it back to a mobile invoice for payment purposes only (not editing since that would be a security risk) bookkeeping and tracking would be much more streamlined.

4 thoughts on “Convert TOM invoices back into Mobile Invoices so Tech can collect”

  1. James Leichter

    I think it would be better to allow partially paid invoices to receive additional payments in AMII. Once a mobile invoice is converted, it cannot be converted back. The end result is the same though.

  2. James, I agree. We take deposits in the field for service calls that are 2 trips (appliances are 2 trips more often than you would think). Our current solution is 2 invoices and it makes getting an average ticket amount impossible. I would love to see the ability to continue to pay off a partially paid invoice.

  3. New user here. I didn’t realize this was a issue yet. Within a week I would be requesting this as well. Multi trips / multi payment invoices are common. I will upvote when I can upvote again as I hit my daily limit…..

  4. You can take one or more payments for a mobile invoice and a mobile invoice that was converted to an invoice. You can do the same for invoices that were created in TOM. You cannot edit invoices in mobile that were created in TOM but you can take payments for them as long as there is a balance due. We will not be able to allow uses to convert invoices back into mobile invoices. That is essentially impossible.

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