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Option to email statements to those customers that have a valid email set-up. And separate the ones that don’t for printing and mailing.
Saves a lot of money on postage and is also quicker to get paid, The function should also allow the attachment or printing of the outstanding invoices.

6 thoughts on “Email Statements”

  1. I didn’t want to create a new support ticket for this but this is a high priority for us! We would also like to be able to email statements in bulk or batches if email restrictions apply.
    We have 1000’s of customers and to email each statement one by one is very time consuming when the technology is there to automate it.
    Please advance this ticket for consideration!

  2. This seems like such a common sense improvement that would save users tons of time – right now the estimate process is cumbersome and essentially has to be done outside the system. We have the ability to batch email pretty much everything else, why not statements?

    This ticket has been open for 11 months and no response, would be wonderful to see a response from someone at Aptora.

  3. When we started using TOM in 2006, this wasn’t a big deal. Now the majority of customers want their statements emailed. This process of sending them individually takes up way too much time each month.

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