Create Work Orders from Assets

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The ability to create and appointment from assets for scheduled service, inspections so you can schedule it on the dispatch board and keep history from the asset. Another idea would be to link a asset to a customer like you can an employee and warehouse and keep track where its been serviced similar to the customer history log. I know you can link a asset on a work order but it doesn’t link the history. This would allow for more detailed maintenance records and track in a history capacity from the work orders.

An asset tab in the history would also so the dispatchers what equipment was previously used on a job site. IE a lift if you have more then one, you know which was used and any notes that pertain to that job related to the equipment.

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  1. Hello,

    Assets can be selected on an invoice line item. Create an item that will be used for leasing (even if it is a “no charge”) and check the box to make it available on an invoice. Add that item to an invoice and select an asset. The Asset history will include all invoices.

    You cannot do this on a work order by design. That’s because we do not want to go down the road of trying to make a work order do everything an invoice can do. We do have a YouTube video on this that I recorded myself.

    The above info is FYI, in case it is helpful. The rest of your suggestions will be considered as usual.


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