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We have VoIP phones and have been using Text Request for a couple of years now. We are able to text to and from our actual Business number. We are able to create categories, send mass texts to customers, text reminders, send pictures, send links, etc straight from Text Request. We have it tied directly to our website and our clients are truly texting us 24/7 live. We can create Autoresponders, Scheduled Messages, Voice Greetings, Tags, Escalations for workflows, Templates, etc. It would be nice to have Aptora integrate with Text Request to make everything more automated. I would like to discuss the cost of developing the API, the flow and how it could be integrated.

For instance, when SAs are Batched Renewed a Group Message would be created (a “group message” in TR is one message sent to an entire list individually). The Group Message can have a Template renewal message and can be scheduled to be sent out.

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  1. Hello,

    We offer some of that capability with Aptora Teams (formally known as Aptora Chat). It does not do a lot of what you described but that is the direction we are going with it. We are working on an extensive API too. It may help with some of this too.


  2. James – the platform I am talking about is not for internal messages to employees. The Text Request platform is for B2C (Business to Client).
    Are you going to change the Aptora Teams to be for B2C and not internal purposes only?

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