Customer Account Updates

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Be able to update an existing customer account name, contact info, and email without it changing the prior account history. This way all work history can stay on one account and everyone can see which homeowner requested what.

4 thoughts on “Customer Account Updates”

  1. If you had a new homeowner (who purchased a home from a previous client), wouldn’t you open a new account with the new contact info? What would be the reasoning to keep the same address, yet change the contact info? Creating a new account for the same address would allow to see what each homeowner requested, as well as keep track of any warranties. The purchase of the home by another homeowner would void the previous warranty.

  2. We would like to keep the work history intact and not have to search through 5 or 6 accounts in order to see what has either been installed, repaired, or maintenanced at the address. Plus if we were able to look in the history and the invoices/work orders etc… retained the name of the prior owner then we would be able to see if any warranties were applicable to the new customer or not.

  3. Then update the contact info & write notes in the notepad or private notes sections stating new homeowner. Plus, after re-reading your initial request, we can change what you’ve asked for already.

  4. We are currently using the note section however that is kind of a pain, especially when there is almost 20 years of information. And it would be nice to see in the history, at a glance, who things were done for.
    No, the system does not currently do what I am asking; currently, if you update the name in the account then all history is changed to the new name and the only way to see who it was originally for is to go into every invoice and see what the name on it is.

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