Customer Lookup on History Form


Please add a drop down Lookup to the customer field in the Customer History Form to allow you to switch between customers on this Form. From this one form you could lookup just about anything you needed for any customer and save the clutter of all of the open tiles on your screen.

5 thoughts on “Customer Lookup on History Form”

  1. That form often opens very slowly because of all of the information on it. I am concerned if we have to load the entire customer list, it will be very slow to load. Speep is maybe the most common concern/complaint we get.

  2. We declined this. We experimented with doing this and the form was very slow to open using large customer lists. We would also have to add the ability to search for customers.

    I think the decrease in speed would not follow our “Do No Harm” rule. Searching the customer list and right-clicking to select history is only one extra keystroke, so the work would not be justifiable.

  3. James: what if you opened the customer list empty and then only show the results form a type of quick filter that would be keyed in by the user? You could even limit the number of results to something small like 10 or so to improve load speed.
    I really think this feature would change the way many people use the program and make the info even easier to get to.
    This one form would eliminate a lot of the busy work that you do each day to find “that one record” for a customer.
    i.e. changing the quick filter search filed on a list. OR switching between open tiles like customer:job, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
    If you can find a way to make this available without the performance hit I think this would be a game changer!

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