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We would like to see the ability to merge a customer / job with an administrative password. Currently you get a notice that the parent to a child has accounting associated with it and the system will not let you merge the child.
ABC Leasing Company:123 Main Street
ABC sells 123 Main Street to a new owner XYZ Buildings
We create the new parent XYZ Buildings and want to move that child account from ABC to XYC but we can not because of the financials.
As of right now we create the child account and just move the equipment over but now we loose the history.
This was a request from our A/R and Service Department

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  1. Hello. You CAN merge a customer with financial history into another customer. The financial transactions will be moved to the target. The software offers one or two warnings but it is allowed.

    The best practice is to copy the customer and say yes to moving their equipment. Financial history should stay with the original owner, since the transactions belong to them according to the accounting system. We don’t recommend changing the customer on an invoice or other financial transactions since you would never do that with a paper accounting system (as it is not even possible with a paper system). Enter a note as to what and why you did this then inactivate the original owner. If you want to look at history for the original owner, it is there.

    1. James,

      Thank you for the reply. Can I send the screenshots of what is happening when we attempt to merge and the only error that we get.
      Here is the message we get with only an OK button.
      “You have received payments for invoices in this child account/job from the parent account or another sibling account.
      As a result you cannot merge or change the parent for this job to a different customer.
      This restriction is in place to keep your customer balances accurate.”

    1. James,

      This is very helpful and worked just like you said. This works great for the sale of a property and functioned exactly as you said. Jessica has requested that there be a way to merge financials as we recently had 5 companies notify us they are splitting their properties into different companies but not new owners just growing. This is why she asked for merge with financials (with Administrative Password only) so we can separate the companies as the customers have requested. Our case we take the whole file invoices and all and physically place it in a new company folder in the file cabinet since it is the same owners. When a property sells it makes perfect since for the method you posted.

  2. I am sorry but that is not something that is possible for us to do. In order to merge them, you would need to modify all of the deposits where the money was received for the parent and used to pay a child.

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