Do not allow changes to notes by others

4 years agoreviewed0

Not sure if this is even feasible but is there any way that you can prevent others from deleting and/or editing someone else’s notes on a WO?

We have ran into situations where someone claims to put information needed in a WO (times, price to collect, etc.) but then it’s missing and we get the “I know I put that in there…someone must be deleting my information.”

It would only need to be in the private notes as it wouldn’t make sense to not be able to change the brief description, detailed description, or the technician’s notes.

Or maybe a better option would just be an enhancement to the audit log (feature request that Bryan posted three weeks ago)? Maybe a a mini audit log tab on the WO history but it would have to include a description on what was changed…not just that it was.

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