Edit Serial Numbers After Bill Paid

4 years agodeclined3

Please allow editing of serial numbers at any time. Many of our manufacturers don’t play nicely with barcode scanning for serials and they are manually entered. We pay the bill before invoicing quite a bit and have to frequently remove an item from inventory and add the correct serial number in.

I don’t see a reason why editing serials at any point couldn’t be limited to admin users as a security setting. Mistakes happen and fixing them should be easier.

3 thoughts on “Edit Serial Numbers After Bill Paid”

  1. So I also think this would be helpful, but I have found this work order. That you cant adjust them persae but you can remove them and re-add them under the adjust serial # feature. Under Company, Inventory adjustment, Serial # list. Hope this helps you in the short term.

    1. I have been doing that work around myself but it’s very time consuming for something that should be a simple fix. Mistakes happen but they should be easy to correct.

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