“Estimate Item Details” and “PO Item Details” reports in custom data view.

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I could not find an existing report, so if there is one let me know. I also reached out to tech support who replied there is not an option.

I need both estimate and PO item detail reports. Similar to the invoice item details report.

For estimates, I need to see every item that has been estimated and the status of the estimates including billed yes/no and awarded and stage statuses.

For POs I need to see each item on POs and their open closed statuses as well as stage statuses.

I believe these reports will help with forecasting and ordering methods. For example, if I could see all new POS and the items/customer/etc I can order much faster than opening each PO and seeing the same item was needed for another customer, and then go back and update the POs in batches. I would also be able to stay on top of back order and partially received POs much better.

For estimates, I would know the products that are currently being quoted to get stock in place and forecast. AS well as double-check quote prices in bulk before they are invoiced for our builder sales accounts.

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  1. Hi Bryan:

    For estimates, you may review the details of the estimates in the Invoice Details CDV. This CDV contains the line item details for all invoices, sales, estimates, and credits. You may filter for the Tran Type of Estimate.

    For purchase orders, you may review the Sample Purchase Orders CDV. This CDV contains the line entries for the purchase orders entered.

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