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To be able to see a workorder that should be kept in same location on schedule board for that day and not moved. Could be a workorder that customer can only do that particular time during day. Often times a workorder will get moved and not opened to see specific details

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  1. Are you wanting an option that prevents the date and start/end time of a work order from being edited? Those properties cause the work order to move. If yes, who would be able to move the work order? What circumstances would allow the work order to be moved? WOuld other properties (such as the technician) need to be locked down too? If yes, the same questions would apply.

    1. No, not necessarily because work orders will often need to be moved, however with that being said, often times customers have been moved and rescheduled on another tech’s schedule after they requested only that tech or they have requested a specific time – also it would be helpful to have a separate highlighted color for workorders that are returning from previous call with part. We find that it makes the most sense to use same tech and often without going thru the history it takes more time searching. In the end having the ability to color code the WHOLE work order on the schedule (if we needed/wanted to for our own labeling purposes and organization) would be helpful. Thank you.

    2. Our old system had a lock or unlock icon on the schedule board entry. Anyone could lock or unlock, it was just a visual queue that this was a “locked in” time and date and it was an extra step to “unlock it” if you wanted to move it so that it didn’t accidentally get moved. We used it when we confirmed our time with the customer. We would then lock it and you could tell the time was a sealed deal very quickly. If the customer called later and wanted to reschedule it was an easy fix.

  2. Making it a “locked” WO was my first thought when I read the request. I agree with Bryan and his reference to an old system he used. Allow it to be locked so that nothing can be changed (date, time, technician, etc.) unless it is unlocked.

    Not every work order would need locked so this feature would definitely catch someone’s attention if and when they try to move a locked work order. It’s so simple to grab a WO and move it across the schedule board (different tech, different time, etc.) but if it’s locked, they will have to at least inquire why.

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