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Our techs are complaining while using the Aptora Mobile App the tech notes box in work order is very small. We know when using the web browser version you can adjust the size of this box but it the app it is very difficult. Can the default size be adjusted to accommodate viewing more notes.

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  1. Are your techs able to grab the pull down handle on the bottom right of the text box? That handle is in the app and the browser version. The way it appears in the app depends on the device and operating system.

    1. James,

      Thank you for the quick reply. We are aware of the corner handle to increase the size yet can not seem to get it to work in the app. When I use the web version from chrome I see the handle and can easily move it on my computer with a mouse. Or even on a tablet but when in the app (on IOS) the handle is difficult to grab. The techs will go back into the work order more than once to add notes as they doing inspections on larger jobs and it becomes difficult when they can only see 2 lines of info at one time. Our techs are mostly on iPhone 6’s 7’s and 8’s and their tablets are iPad 6th and 7th gen. A lot of them will use the speak to text function but it is difficult to scroll in that box.
      I have attached a screenshot from a sample work order on a techs iPhone as you can see the handle is not visible.


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