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3 years agoopen1Offers to Contribute: $5,000.00

As it sits now, the barcoding only works if you are sitting in from of TOM, and put the curser where it needs to fill in.
It would be helpful, to start out with, if when you use the bar code feature – you scan an item, it fills the item in and immediately goes to the next needed field (ie. a serialized part, it would pop over the little pop up screen to enter the serial number, you scan the bar code for the serial # and it closes out and goes to the next item, ect.).
Without this automatically doing this, there is no value to having the ability to scan barcodes. We can’t walk around the warehouse scanning items we need to add to an estimate or invoice if it doesn’t allow us to pick the serial number.
Being able to scan the item’s barcode and the serial number without having to be in front of the PC would save time, money and keying errors.
If this is possible, this is something we would be willing to help contribute towards.

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  1. Thanks for the comments.

    You can program a bar code scanner to add an Enter key or a Tab after the scan. Most scanners offer various levels of programming (customization) like this. It is usually done by scanning a bar code from the manufacture’s booklet. Please check the bar code scanner’s documentation. I hope that helps.

    Note: You probably know this, but for clarity. Estimates don’t have a serial number selection.

    We do plan to create a system that allows users to scan bar codes into the memory of their scanner (if their scanner has that ability) and batch upload the scans all at once. We will not get to that work until later next year though. That work will part of a new “Warehouse Manager” feature set we will add to Aptora Mobile II.

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