Author name: Heidi Heatherly


Simple request, but please make it where we can just put the 2 digit year instead of the 4 digit year — i.e.: for 2023 we can put 12/14/23 instead of 12/14/2023. I know it’s only 2 numbers but when it’s constant, it makes a huge difference.

Bill Date vs Receive Date

Could we get two dates on a bill. The receive date doesn’t always correlate to the bill date. The receive date is of course when it’s received and then a bill date to be entered (matches receive date unless changed). The receive date is needed for due date and aging reports, but so is the …

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Showing Cost on Work Orders

Can we please see the cost column for items on the WO. There are so many costs that either get missed or the cost accidently goes into the price column. This is absolutely needed!

Invoiced Column on New Schedule Board

We need to see the “INVOICED” column on the New Schedule Board so we can filter “completed” work orders and those that have not been invoiced per department.