Showing Cost on Work Orders

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Can we please see the cost column for items on the WO. There are so many costs that either get missed or the cost accidently goes into the price column. This is absolutely needed!

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  1. Hello Heidi,

    We didn’t include inventory costs on work orders because WOs are not transactions. When a work order is created, there is actually no cost. When the work order is invoiced, the costs are recognized. Tip: Work orders are like purchase orders, in the sense that they have no affect on the financials. They are for tracking.

    What do you need this information for? Knowing more might help me understand how to help.

  2. Heidi Heatherly

    We create invoices from WO’s so if something is bought, say on a credit card, a PO is made and linked to the WO. We add the line to the WO under a non-inventory item with the amount we want to sell it for. But there is no where to put the cost, so we have to put it in the notes column. I know we can pull this line in from reimbursables, but we don’t exclusively use this feature because frankly this feature does not always work (it’s very glitchy and we don’t have time for that – it’s been like this for years). Also, if the normal person who bills, isn’t billing said WO, the cost may get missed making the cost either $0 or whatever it was last updated to (we strive to keep them at $0) or the cost accidently is thought of being the sale price and now we just gave it away for free. It’s a lot of back and forth between the WO and invoice to look for these notes. If the tech ends up creating the invoice from mobile, he has no where to put the cost then again, it gets missed or a ton of back and forth between screens. When you are doing a ton of invoices, it gets pretty messy.

    I guess I look at a WO like an Estimate. An estimate has a cost column and it doesn’t affect financials.

  3. You are correct about using the Reimbursables feature. It was designed for this purpose. I am not aware of any bugs with it. Please be sure to enter a support ticket reporting the bug. I have seen a lot of volume go through the Reimbursables feature and haven’t seen or been told of any problems. I want to get that fixed, if there is an issue.

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