Show Item Cost on Work Orders in TOM

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It would be really great to see the cost of items on a WO within TOM. For example: It’s hard to put in misc. items in that had to be bought and not put the true cost on the WO. When an invoice is made, you have to go looking in notes for the cost, it gets lost sometimes or confusing if you don’t know where you need to look. It also doesn’t work if someone else is bringing in the items from the WO to an invoice from the reimbursable screen. They will never see the WO notes.

2 thoughts on “Show Item Cost on Work Orders in TOM”

  1. Heidi – I agree with you but would add that some Aptora Customers may want this to be a company preference. (Some may not want this information to be visible to their technicians) Our company creates Invoices from the work orders and we use the reimbursables list to add the cost to each invoice. It would be helpful though for a cost field to be in the work order and allow it to be auto-populated when the WO is created from an estimate.

    Misc parts costs will always have to be added using the reimbursable screen unless your feature request is accepted.

    Good luck….I hope you get the votes.

    1. I understand that companies may not want technicians to see the cost, but don’t have it show in Mobile – TOM should be different. Management or anyone that is billing should be OK’d to see it. Reimbursables is a tricky beast that gives us issues constantly. I don’t trust it.


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