Inventory Count Tracking

4 years agoopen3

Field to check inventory as counted for the calendar year and a check box or way to mark that part has been counted.

3 thoughts on “Inventory Count Tracking”

  1. This is why we created the Smart List. Create a list of items to be counted. Remove them as they are counted. This concept is used for happy calls, follow-up, and more.

  2. So if I want to run two smart lists one for inventory counted and one for inventory left to be counted and then I want to exclude items that are added for quoted and not purchased yet what would be the best way to remove 400+ items from my smart list when I need two filters? IE not purchased yet, no inventory on hand. We use a type in the general bin with the year and it filters the two but the thought to be able to track by if it has been counted vs not would leave the general bin tab open for purposes. Just wondering the best way to do this with how you designed it, without it being such a tasking process on data entry as it is now we have to manual enter each part that it was counted in the general bin and we have about 10,000 parts in inventory?

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