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We would like to keep track of who refers a new customer. Under the marketing field in a new customer, can a field be added that will “tie” the referral back to the referring customer or employee (or even a vendor).

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  1. This was a suggestion from one of my employees. Below is her response to your questions:

    If the software would link the referring customer you can track several key pieces of info:
    1. Number of referrals given
    2. Demographic of area they are referring in to target for marketing
    3. How did the referring customer hear about us to increase marketing dollars in those specific areas
    4. Marketing to those who send in referrals for additional earnings
    If we can run reports we can easily determine who is due referral bonuses and make sure to keep them stocked with referral cards. Right now unless it’s emailed over there is no way to determine easily which customer is referring someone.

    After receiving her response, I questioned her and we discussed… We aren’t sure what this looks like to development. Does it result in an additional tab on the customer, vendor and employee??? I know the data has to go somewhere. This would also require that some Marketing Types would prompt and require an additional field to be completed but obviously, not all Marketing Types would need one. We have Marketing Types set up such as “Referral” or “Employee” but no way to track which customer, employee or vendor actually gave us the referral. Right now, we are relying on asking for and/or being given that information at the time of scheduling. Then we have to rely on the person taking that call to relay (email) the information to the person in the office responsible for issuing checks (if there is a bonus and/or referral “reward”) to be given as well as a Thank You card. I could also see this being used with other groups that we promote and/or network in. We have a Congregation Program that we could tie to individual churches, BNI, various Chambers, etc.

    Ultimately, the end result is to be able to run reports on a regular basis so that we can “Thank” and “Reward” those that are referring us to others. Fields that should be included would include: New Customer Enter Date, New Customer Name with address and contact information, and Referring Customer Name with address and contact information at the very minimum. Maybe sales data for the New Customer???

    She came to us from the automotive industry and mentioned Mitchell program during our discussion. Below is a link to a video of how their software works in regards to referrals which is where her suggestion came from:

    Marketing – Referral Setup

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