Customer Portal or Website

4 years agoapproved4Offers to Contribute: $2,000.00

Are there any plans to make customer website or portal? I would like to see a way for our customers to pay their bills, reprint invoices, and maybe see other information. That would be my idea. I think it would create sales and keep customers too. We would not expect this to be included. It should cost extra.

4 thoughts on “Customer Portal or Website”

  1. This has been approved. We did have plans to do this work and have begun preliminary design work. Please keep in mind that this will take a long time to get done. It’s a lot of work. We will work hard to release phase one in about four to five months. We will get feedback and work on phase two shortly after that. Thanks for the request.

  2. No payments or contributions will be necessary for this work. Thank you for the offers though. We may take you up on offers to contribute to other less popular or widely desired features.

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