Investment Guide Categories


The investment guide categories should not list inventory parts it should only show services. What we have done to help not select a part when pricing a job is we added a * in front of the category name and made the category name all caps to identify it as a price book category and not an inventory item.

3 thoughts on “Investment Guide Categories”

  1. I am not sure what you talking about. Are you in the Investment Guide or a Work Order/Invoice? I am not sure but the image seems like it came from either a work order or an invoice.

    Do you mean that items (inventory item types) are showing up in your Investment Guide?

    Do you mean that there are categories available to select and those categories only have inventory parts in them and you do not want those categories included?

  2. You should call or email support. There is a Investment Guide preference to show either Service Item types or Group Item types or both. Inventory Part types should not be included. I tested this and it worked as I would expect. I was not able to load or see any Inventory items. This should go over to support.

    Categories will be included, even if they only have inventory items. In other words, all categories are included in the selection list regardless of what they have in them (if anything).

    Thank you.

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