Item Pricing by Zone with One Zone Per Customer


We would benefit greatly from having the ability to establish a list of zone (geographical areas) with a corresponding retail price. Example: Item Number 12345. Zone 1 = $20.00. Zone 2 = $21.00. Zone 3 = $22.00. We have ten zones but others may have more, if they like the feature. Each customer or job would have a zone selected for it. When an invoice or estimate is created, that retail price would be used. The markup would be ignored. We would pay for this feature too – if needed. Please comment if anyone has questions.

2 thoughts on “Item Pricing by Zone with One Zone Per Customer”

  1. This has been completed and will be in the next update. Both items were added. Note to Other Users: This feature was added as a Premium Feature (placed under About > Premium Features. Thank you for the post.

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