Author name: Jeff Speakman

Timesheet and WO Import Option

We would like to have these added too. I think this was mentioned in the training we did but we are adding it just in case. Import work orders and timesheets entries.

Department Columns for the Dashboard

While getting things ready for the dashboards we are fixing up our departments. It would be great to have the advanced fields added as columns. I am sure a lot of other companies will have a lot of department issues to fix.

Create batch update utility for the invoice list

Hello. Please add a batch update form like we now have for work orders, items, and such. We need to do a lot of changes for departments and salespeople. We will pay $250 or more since that is cheaper than our labor.

Save Email Text

We use the internal emailer in Total Office Manager. The body of the email cant be save. At least we dont think so. If yes, let me know. We would like to be able to save different email messages. Thank you for the consideration in advance.

Add an Item with Another Item

Can you add an item when you an another item automatically? Maybe you could add a way to select an item that gets added when another item gets added to a sale in Tom and mobile. James spoke about this during a demo and said we should enter the idea here.

Add Equipment Links to Customer Document Links

I have a pretty good idea I think. There are customer document file links and there are equipment document file links. If the equipment belongs to the customer, can you please also show them in the customer file document link list? That would reduce clicks.

Map Code Filter on Customer List

This may not fit your “great feature request” KB but it would really help us. We use that field for on off label purpose. Thank you.

CDV for Average Cost by Date

We are working through inventory costing issues. A custom data view that includes an item number, qty on hand, average cost at that moment, and date would be very helpful. Thank you.