Create batch update utility for the invoice list

3 years agoapproved2Offers to Contribute: $250.00

Hello. Please add a batch update form like we now have for work orders, items, and such. We need to do a lot of changes for departments and salespeople. We will pay $250 or more since that is cheaper than our labor.

2 thoughts on “Create batch update utility for the invoice list”

  1. I just needed this today. Somehow a department is getting added that doesn’t actually exist and I can’t update the department on these invoices without opening each one. I have also needed this for items that are marked with the wrong department by techs. Would love to see the ability to do several things like “Tax Item”, “department”, “salesman”, etc.

  2. We will get this done. Our hope is to slip it in next week during our regular “Sprint”. We schedule Sprints that last three week at a time. One week of time if for bugs and other factors. It looks like we will have some spare time. We have fewer bugs than we planned for. :). Ok. More than anyone wants to know. lol

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