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After an Item is created and used the Unit of Measure should be locked (i.e. unchangeable). The issue is, when it is changed during use, the Item Rebuild does not track the history of the changes, and it causes inventory count issues. If the unit of measure changes, a new item should have to be created… locking the unit of measure after an item is created resolves this issues.

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  1. Hello Alan,

    The way it was designed was this. When you create an item, set a UOM, and save it, the UOM can be edited. The UOM is locked once the item is used (like entering an Invoice, Item Receipt or Bill). If this is not how it works for you, please contact tech support. You may have discovered a bug.

    I did a quick test just now with an Item Receipt. I also created an Invoice and it was locked (disabled). Mine works as I was expecting it to.

    I will leave this request open until I hear back on this.

    Thank you.

    1. If you never set a UOM then you can use the item for years (as a 1=1) and then set a UOM (1=12) that causes quantity issues on an Inventory Rebuild.

      Not sure if this is a bug or not… but it would be nice that setting No UOM and using the item is the same as setting a UOM.

      If I am not being clear or you have questions please feel free to call.

  2. It is not a bug. That is how we made it. Don’t let anyone change it.

    It is likely that the next person to come along would say that they wanted to be able to use an item for a while and later decide to apply a UOM. Many people do not know the UOM exists. Some do not have the feature turned on. They might be growing into that feature and not ready for it.

    If a user does decide to start using UOM with an item that has history, they could either make the change when they have zero on-hand or they could do a one time OH adjustment. Going forward, either option will work.

    I have not tested the following statement, but two of us here agree that it is true. If you add UOM to an item with history, the Item Register Rebuild (which is password protected) will not create any problems. You would have to go back and edit an existing transaction (prior to the UOM change) and save it, to mess things up.

  3. Hopefully people vote for this feature request 🙂
    We know from experience that this has created issues in the past. Maybe a recent update has resolved the Item Register Rebuild issues (not sure), but it has historically (within the past 6 months) created issues for us. We try to avoid the Item Register Rebuild like the plaque, but unfortunately have had to use it for Aptora Inventory Count issues… thus the reason for the UOM feature request above.

    Thank you!

  4. What inventory count issues are you having? Do you have a support ticket in for that issue? If yes, please include the ticket number.

    We have users that have never rebuilt their Item Register. That is sort of an emergency tool.

    If we have a problem, I will make sure it gets resolved. Please let me know.

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