Author name: Alan Cunningham

Undeposit Funds Report

The Balance Sheet gives provides an “Undeposited Funds Report”. Basically is it a “trust me” number, with no way to verify the accuracy. i.e. there is no easy way to see a summary of what makes this number as of a given date. A report that showed the customers and undeposited amounts paid that created …

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Lock the Unit Of Measure

After an Item is created and used the Unit of Measure should be locked (i.e. unchangeable). The issue is, when it is changed during use, the Item Rebuild does not track the history of the changes, and it causes inventory count issues. If the unit of measure changes, a new item should have to be …

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Inventory Rebuild – Local Admin Password

Aptora inventory goes sideways at points (still not sure why). General Journal list and then going to ‘Rebuild Item Register’. This requires a password. This password is something that Aptora has. This has not always been the case… it would be nice if our local admin password would allow us to run the rebuild.

Payroll Liabilities Report

Payroll Liabilities really needs a report that shows balances as of a certain date. We need to know what makes up the year-end Balance Sheet Payroll Liabilities number and there is no way to get this information per Aptora support. At 12/31/2020 I have $XX,000 in PR Liabilities. How much of that is FICA? How …

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Ability to export 1099 and W2 info

We use Aptora payroll, and each year we have issues with compliance stuff (1099-NEC not working, IRS 940 not working, IRS 941 page 2 not printing, etc). All known issues when we file our ticket. If we could export the 1099 and w2 info to a 3rd party it would be very helpful.