Inventory Rebuild – Local Admin Password

3 years agoopen3

Aptora inventory goes sideways at points (still not sure why). General Journal list and then going to ‘Rebuild Item Register’. This requires a password. This password is something that Aptora has. This has not always been the case… it would be nice if our local admin password would allow us to run the rebuild.

3 thoughts on “Inventory Rebuild – Local Admin Password”

  1. Please let us know about inventory problems you suspect. There should not be any.

    The main way users mess up inventory is to sell items they do not have and try and correct it later. We recommend that preference be turned off.

    Another way is back dating invoices and or bills. This applies only if the items on those transactions change due to back dating. This issue is mostly related to the one above.

    I do not want to imply that there may not be problems. The vast majority of issues are created by the user not following bookkeeping best practices.

    We password protected that rebuild because it should be extremely rare that anyone would ever need it. Many users have created huge problems for themselves by suing that feature without understanding the implication.

  2. Placed another Support ticket (#30947) for Inventory Rebuild this morning. I share this not to complain or push back… just as an FYI, in case you wanted to follow the ticket.

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