Mark a WO as Callback if Within 30 Days

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When a work order is created, check to see if a work has been completed within thirty days of the date the work order is scheduled for (not the creation date) and the same customer or job. In other words, the same child (if there is one) not the same family. Do this when the work order is opened. If the new work order scheduled date is within thirty days of a prior completed work order, mark that work order as a Callback and select the proper technician. No warning is needed.

I would like the same process to take place each time the work order is edited or dragged to a new date.

Once the new work order is marked as Canceled or Complete, this process will no longer take place. Once a work order has the Callback box checked, you will no longer perform this check. If the user creates an actual Callback Work Order (using that menu option), you will not perform this check. This is avoid making the user wait for the delay of constantly checking for other work orders.

Some users may not want this process automated. This process might delay opening the work order since the program may have to search a very large number of work orders. Make this feature a Company Preference under Edit > Preferences > Company > Work Orders.

Note: I entered this feature request for a friend.

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