Assign Check # when Paying Bills

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This is a feature I miss from Quickbooks: when paying bills there was the ability to select a method to pay bills, either “To be printed” or “Assign Check numbers”. The option allowed you to either set things to to print or pulled a list up with the bills you selected to pay and you could manually enter the check/reference numbers. I pay a lot of bills through vendor portals and it’s a process to “pay”, then pull up the check list, filter for “to print” checks, open each one and then re-enter the reference numbers. I am sure a lot of people would find this to be a time saving feature. Additionally, I have accidentally printed checks that I paid online and that would eliminate that error too.

From Quickbooks help site:

From the Method drop-down, choose Check.
Select the appropriate radio button.
To be printed: QuickBooks will prepare a check for the vendor and add it to the list of checks to be printed. You’ll have the chance to print the check at the end of this task.
Assign check number: Choose this option if you plan to manually write the check or use a debit card. When you record your bill payment after completing this form, you’re prompted to enter check numbers (or a reference number if you use a debit card) and dates.

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