Rehire Date for Employees

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HR Request:  I would like to have a rehire date for employees.  This would be right under the hire date in Total Office Manager.  I would also need a second release date right under the first one.  In HR we often have to know the original hire date, termination date, and the rehire date for 401(k) information and others.  Right now I have to write this information in the contact log and search for it when I need it.

Thanks for your consideration!

2 thoughts on “Rehire Date for Employees”

  1. I can picture people being hired and let go more than twice. Seasonable employees may come and go. How about we add the current Hire Date and Release Date changes to the current Earning History tab? We would not need to add a new date selector. You would reuse the ones we have.

    That way, you could see each time they were hired and released (we would log all changes to those dates). We would rename “Earning History” to “Payroll History”. That will allow for future information to be added. This will basically be a mini audit trail.

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