Marketing Source Auto Populates on Work Order

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Set a preference in which I can set so the Marketing source that is in the customer file does not auto populate to a work order that is created?

Example: in 2012 “Mr. Smith” calls us for a service call because he saw our van and is a new customer. We create the new customer in TOM and the marketing source is set at “Vehicle Signage”. He forgot about us until last week when his heat stops working and now he goes down to the furnace and sees our sticker so gives us a call for service due to the sticker. The work order source would then be “Sticker” even though he saw our van in 2012. I believe that each work order has its own unique source of marketing and we are not updating like we should so I want to remove the auto populate feature.

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  1. Hello James,

    Nice to hear from you. I see your point. I honestly thought the current “Customer:Job ? Company > Do Not Auto Fill” already did that. It does but for invoices.
    I will make sure that we add work orders to that same preference.


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