Mobile Invoice/Payment Visibility

4 years agodeclined1

I would really like to see mobile invoices and payments visible in history forms and in the payment forms. It’s created so many headaches with the team to have these items essentially invisible for a period of time until they are processed internally. Or if someone forgets to save the invoice on accident and it remains in mobile.

At least show that it is out there in history but flag it as Mobile (color, icon, exclamation point, anything) so at least its cleary defined. This could be a preference by user or company.

1 thought on “Mobile Invoice/Payment Visibility”

  1. Mobile invoices and mobile payments are not transactions until the invoice is saved in TOM. That is one reason they are not in history. Changing that is a very big deal. The companies I have dealt with have never mentioned this as a problem. They all use a Mobile Invoice filter on the Invoice list in TOM. Mobile invoices should be opened and saved all day long to at the end of each day. If we hear from other users during training, seminars, and so forth, we will look into this more closely. For now, I don’t see that this is a widespread issue.

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