Priority displayed in mobile

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The update took away the techs from being able to see the priority displayed without having to open work orders. We used it all the time in the field

3 thoughts on “Priority displayed in mobile”

  1. You can see the priority when you click on every work order, before it used to be a column. Is it possible that we can add the column back? Our project managers often times have 30 work orders and they like to sort by priority.

  2. We went to what is called a Stacked List. This approach is becoming the standard. That’s because people want more columns that there is room for, especially on a small screen. We won’t be going back to the single row numerous column approach. Users can filter or search by priority. They would use “Contains” and search for Low, Medium, or High. Please see if that helps them and let us know. We will keep all of this in mind.

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