Schedule Board Map and Schedule Board Profile Enhancement


The schedule board map is an effective visual prompt to schedule work orders. The first of my two part feature request would be to have an “always on feature” that would show maybe a small photo or name tag of the driver without having to hover over the icon to easily identify the vehicle in relation to the WO that is needing to be scheduled. This feature should be a preference .

The second part of the feature request: Our company has multiple departments. Using the map in Total Field Control is difficult for my department heads and dispatchers because there is no way to departmentalize the schedule board vehicles. They currently have to hover over each icon to see which department the vehicle is in to determine if they can schedule the WO to the tech.

I think a new tab on the schedule board profiles that would control which vehicles,tablets or phones are able to be viewed on the schedule board from the asset list which gives the authorization to track the asset / vehicle.

This would allow the end user to filter out the vehicles they do not wish to see on the map.

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