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The ability to select batches of serialized part on item reservation and invoice entry.
This would make for a less tasking way of having to manually enter 100s of itemized parts to invoices and item reservations.

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  1. So I just went to enter 14 serialized items to the system and it took 3 mins. 3 Mins is no big deal in the grand scheme of a day but when you have 84 serialized items which is the next one to do and or 200 hundred that I did last week, that time can add up quick and the more you add the slower this feature performs. My recommendation is when it allows you to add these items to field it allows you to check off the serial #s you need. Similar behavior with how reservation checkbox system works with importing them with in a invoice. A lot of items are smaller items that work larger pieces of equipment IE License numbers for software and key serial #s that customers order dozens or more at a time. This serial numbers start with 6 alphanumerical #s and go up to 24 characters long and the lag when typing them is painful with it shorting alphabetically and have to scroll through 700+ pieces of inventory. I recorded this to feedback and context if it would interest anyone.

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