Service Agreement with multi-locations

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The ability to create a service agreement for a customer who has multiple locations, IE a school campus or property management company that has different buildings with the same location.

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  1. Do these buildings have the same address? If they don’t, we would not be able to do this work. Our system was built so that each address would need a different service agreement. There is a copy button on the SA, to make entry faster.

  2. So with in our database each location is under its on “child”. This is so we can keep track of the equipment and dispatch the tech to the correct location. The parent customer wants a service contract for the whole campus.

    This issue with coping it would be they buy a blank amount of hours per month and its spread between all the locations, one location might use 10 hours and another use 1 and there are 60 locations.

    I have multiple customers with this same need its not just 1. They are schools with multiple buildings and they want a bulk hours service contract for the whole university.

    Understanding the software isn’t designed, what is another solution to use the service contract agreement feature for a “Customer” with multiple locations?

  3. Sorry. We won’t be able to approve this. It is just too far from how we designed the system. Each location should have their own service agreement. Advising you on a method to do this would be beyond what I would want to use this feature request system for. This would not fall under technical support either. I recommend discussing this with a trainer/consultant. A two-way conversation needs to take place. Thank you for your request.

  4. In a perfect world if we were able to dictate to our customers how we have to write there service contract the way the system is designed would work great. Unfortunately our customers tell us how they need the contract written and provided and if we are unable to do so they move on to another vendor. It looks like 2 other people liked this idea and showed interest. If more people were to show interest and we were willing to contribute to this idea would you reconsider declining in?

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