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Reorder points per warehouse/vehicle is a great feature. It is, however, rather useless if I can’t create a purchase order or perform inventory replenishment by warehouse. We maintain a substantial inventory on each vehicle. Daily restocking could save a lot of time with this feature.

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  1. I also have multiple warehouses that I have to replenish on a daily basis. I use the “Inventory by Warehouse Bin” custom data view…I set up filters for each warehouse using:

    1. Warehouse – like – (name of warehouse)
    2. and – Reorder? – equal – yes

    This works great and bonus is you can design your own pull sheets that have what bin (where item is being pulled from) in your main warehouse and also list what location (where item is to be stored)in your van warehouse.

  2. Thanks for the great tip, Steven! We’ve been working with TOM for over 10 years now and love it. I certainly have not utilized the filters and custom views as much as I should. I gave your suggestion a test. Creating these reorder lists is great, but it still requires a manual entry purchase order (unless I’m still missing something). I’m a paperless guy. I was hoping to filter inventory replenishment by warehouse. Maybe the Aptora programmers can put it together. Thanks again for the tip. You got me thinking more about custom data views and filters.

  3. If you run the CDV filter to replenish from your main warehouse….transfer all your parts…. and then all you have to do is order for one warehouse. (The one you are pulling all your inventory from). If this is done regularly, the main warehouse should be the only warehouse you have to do purchase orders for.

    After thinking about it a little more, your idea would be helpful too. You got my vote.

  4. That is quite a convoluted process to perform daily. The CDV filters are great for reports. I try to minimize main warehouse inventory and just use it as a drop point. What you suggest is close to what I do now, without printing the reports. The majority of our inventory is on vehicles. Creating reports and manually transferring parts nearly daily is time consuming. Managing inventory, as I’m sure many of us agree, has become our greatest nemesis. I do appreciate the insight, and the vote! Maybe a few more votes can get the programmers moving. Adding another filter to the Inventory Replenishment Form would be quick and easy…from a non-programmer’s point of view.

  5. I think if we could add a filter for warehouse in the “Inventory by Warehouse” I would think this would allow the software to filter the inventory for that warehouse and would then know the Min and Max for selected warehouse and be able to show us what to order so then we could use this feature to be able to create and PO very quickly instead of the Time Consuming process that it is currently.

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