Stage Notifications (Message responsible parties)

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It would be very useful to be able to have a setting that would notify someone that a stage has been updated. Being able to Say “Send notification to X person if stage changes to X” This would help with expediting processing of certain time sensitive stages or stages that require specific follow up (maybe less commonly used stages) rather than having to check a filtered list intermittently.

Additionally, to set a deadline for stages. “Send notice to X person if stage X is not updated in X days” to remind people that pending stages have not been satisfied.

5 thoughts on “Stage Notifications (Message responsible parties)”

  1. I really want everyone to think deeply and carefully about the Stages feature. It has a lot of potential but I don’t want to make it to something convoluted.

    I also want to add a Task feature to manage things that need to be done but are not going to be on a schedule board. Tasks would be for internal purposes too. An example might be to send an email. Tasks might also be made part of a work order, so that the work order can be broken down into pieces. One capability for a task is to require the completion of another task prior to allowing it to be completed (tasks with dependencies). For example, the land must be surveyed before it can be marked/staked and it must be staked before we can send the excavators. I don’t want to overlap the two features.

  2. This concept is exactly like and has great workflow / project management. It is very customizable with automations and helps keep up with when someone needs to do the next step in a process. I love – you might want to look into it for the integration ideas while building this aspect into Aptora.

  3. I mentioned our API work in this week’s webinar. I hope all of you go to those. That is why we are building an API. The idea is to allow users to build their own interfaces. One person might love and another much prefers Trello or Slack (their competitors). We would not have to worry about both. We would just evolve our API.

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