Aptora Mobile II Release Notes

Release Notes for Version:
Release Date: 09/02/2022

Your Apple devices must be on iOS version 13.0 or higher to use the Aptora Mobile II app.

When updating, please stop the Internet Information Services (IIS) website for Aptora Mobile II prior to running the Mobile Configuration Utility. Make sure that users clear the cache on the browser and/or the Aptora Mobile II application. This is the best practice with any website update to prevent conflicts with website code changes. If you are not logged into the mobile server and the computer/network administration, please right-click on the Mobile Configuration Utility and run as administrator.

Enhancements and Fine Tuning

  1. Mobile UI changes were made to the time sheet for paid custom programming. Work Order and Customer selections are now under the Main tab. The were under the Advanced tab. This allows managers to limit access to Advanced fields and still give techs the ability to select from those lists (which is common).
  2. The “Sales Rep” field is now included on the printed Estimate.
  3. We added a Time Stamp to Multi-day Work Orders.
  4. We added the ability to select a “Stage” to a Purchase Order.
  5. We added time zones for hosted customers.
  6. We added the ability to select a Shipping Method on a Purchase Order.

Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket 33901: After you add an Item to a PO in Mobile from the “Add Items” list,  Item Price shows as 0 (zero) when returning to the Items tab.
  2. Ticket 31143: When emailing work orders, the approve and decline options are not present on the customer’s copy.
  3. Ticket 30606: The “Send Email” option is to be removed from WOs, Invoices, Estimates, and POs and replaced with the “Send PDF Email” option.
  4. Ticket 33952: We fixed the iPhone 12 barcode scanning ability.
  5. Ticket 33167: We fixed the issue where the Back Button disappears when copying a user.
  6. Ticket 34821: When changing the WO status this causes an error (hosted).
  7. Ticket 32316: When navigating to master lists after logging in to mobile and selecting Estimates,  the number column disappears.
  8. Ticket 35301: When selecting Edit on an Employee from the Employee List, Mobile II crashes.
  9. Ticket 27810: The Mobile application crashes when opening document links on a tablet.
  10. Ticket 21837: The Mobile II application did not have access the camera and the microphone.
  11. Ticket 28746: The Work Order Address was not populating in Google Maps
  12. Ticket 29524: Mobile locks up when emailing a Purchase Order (PO).
  13. Ticket 29268: The Loan Payment Amount from the Investment Guide was not displaying properly in the Mobile II Estimate.
  14. Ticket 29210: When creating a Work Order from a customer, Mobile II is creating an error.
  15. Ticket 28188: Fixed an issue with searching for work orders in the Audit Trail.
  16. Ticket 27231: When editing and item on a Work Order in Mobile II, the total on the signature page is incorrect. This issue has to do with page refresh. The accounting is correct. It is a display issue. We made changes to help eliminate this issue.
  17. Ticket 28559: The Work Order dates change when you open the Work Order in Mobile
  18. Ticket 28452: The remote selectors are no longer showing the fields that have been selected.
  19. We fixed the error where the Time Zone not allowing blank.
  20. We fixed the time on the Work Order List from home page.
  21. We fixed the time issue on the work order display and Work Order List.
  22. Under certain conditions, PDFs were not printing as a full page.
  23. Under certain conditions and circumstances, users reported not being able to create work orders. This was resolved.

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