Mobile II Version

Aptora Mobile II Release Notes
Release Date: 12/12/2019

When updating, please stop the Internet Information Services (IIS) website for Aptora Mobile II prior to running the Mobile Configuration Utility. Make sure that users clear the cache on the browser and/or the Aptora Mobile II application. This is the best practice with any website update to prevent conflicts with website code changes. If you are not logged into the mobile server and the computer/network administration, please right click on the Mobile Configuration Utility and run as administrator.


Issues Corrected:

  1. In specific situations, you can create a Customer with the same name as another Customer. – Ticket #20434
  2. Mobile Chat notification sounds weren’t playing when the Mute Notification Sound was set to No. – Ticket #20445
  3. When an error occurs while saving a Form, the user is sent to a white screen with no information as to why the error happened.
  4. Clicking the hyperlink for a Customer on a Form Builder Form would receive an error.
  5. Appointments were not showing up on the Calendar when the time spanned past midnight. – Ticket #20445
  6. Customer Markup Types displaying incorrectly on Mobile II invoices.
  7. Creating a Purchase Order from a Work Order would occasionally not include the Items or the associated Customer. – Ticket #20331
  8. Using a Filter on the My Flat Rate Book would remove prior Filters. – Ticket #20294
  9. Corrected an issue where Completed Emails for Multi-Day Work Orders were not being sent out. – Ticket #20349
  10. The Calendar shows Work Orders for the client’s time zone within the Calendar, but the Details show as the Server time. – Ticket #20302
  11. My Reminders navigation count did not match what is was displayed in the Grid. – Ticket #20517
  12. Adding a Timesheet from a Multi-Day Work Order would cause an Internal Server Error. – Ticket #20514



  • Document Links:
    • Updated to new UI.
    • Contains Filter now includes the “Category” field.
  • Invoices
    • View permissions now available in User Security.
  • My Calendar and Company Calendar
    • Now display the events according to the server’s timezone rather than the device’s timezone.
  • Added Automated Texting feature
    • This allows an automated text to be sent to the customer when the Work Order status changes. Contact your sales representative for more information,
  • Added a URL field to the Employee Details for Revukangaroo®
  • Allows a Revukangaroo® URL link to be added to the automated email or text message.