6.3 | Creating Estimates


Receiving payment from your Customers for products and services delivered/performed is an essential function in keeping your business running. This section will explore the many ways payment can be accepted from your Customers.


Simply stated, an estimate is used to describe a job and calculate its approximate cost to a customer. However, in Total Office Manager the functionality of an estimate goes well beyond this brief description.

  • A pick ticket can be generated from the estimate, and then sent to the warehouse for the necessary parts to be gathered.
  • If changes are made to the estimate, a change order is automatically generated and can be added to the estimate’s details (notes).
  • Either an invoice for the full amount, or progress invoices for a percentage of the original amount can be created from an estimate.
  • Sales receipts for immediately paid work, plus credit memos, work orders, and purchase orders can all be created from the original estimate as well, preserving the entire “flow” of efforts involved in the job.

To access the “New Estimate” form, select Customers from the Menu bar and click Create Estimate. The keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl+E.