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This process will be considerably easier if you know how to process payroll in QB and we migrated your QB payroll information for you. Additional lessons may be required if you are not a former QB payroll user. If payroll setup is not part of your data migration, then most of the actual payroll setup will be performed by your company.

Videos to Watch Prior to Lesson

Payroll Setup–Videos 1 to 15 (about 55 minutes)

Timesheet Tracking-One Video (3:57)

Payroll Processing–Videos 1 to 9 (about 29 minutes)

Lesson Time: 60 to 90 minutes

Topics Covered This Lesson

  1. Entering Payroll Items
  2. Setting Up Payroll Templates and Employee Payroll
  3. Recap Lesson: Entering Timesheets from Schedule Board
  4. Entering Lesson Timesheets
  5. Process Pay Group and Sales Commissions
  6. Process Pay Checks
  7. Editing, Printing Paychecks, and Direct Deposit
  8. Paying and Adjusting Payroll Liabilities