Total Office Manager 19.4.1601 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update – Version 19.4.1601

Release Date: 04/16/2019

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -DB UPDATE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This update requires an update to your database.
This will require that all users log out of the software program so that the update can run.
Once the update has run and the first user logs in, other users will not be able to log back into the program in prior versions without being required to update.

This update contains important changes to your database.
This will increase the normal update time by several minutes.
These changes are designed to improve speed and stability.
These changes will not affect your accounting or data in any way.

Customer and Vendor:
Fixes and Improvements:
– Corrected issue where the Labor Burden was not calculating when set on the customer job level. This was a display issue only and not an accounting problem. Ticket# 15253
– Two more batch renewal options added for Escrow Service Agreements. Ticket #13846
– Corrected an issue with the Auto Add to Estimates feature. Ticket#14838
– Modal windows will now open where the mouse cursor is located. This was done to prevent those forms from being hidden when on remote desktop or when switching between monitors. Ticket#15512
– Corrected a copy service agreement issue where the renewal link was also being copied. Ticket#15462
– Corrected issue where the Customer was not being populated when creating an Item Receipt from a Purchase Order. Ticket#15181
– Invoice numbers now populate on the Epay form and get sent with the authorized credit card transaction. Ticket#15209

Employees and Payroll:
Fixes and Improvements:
– The employee name sorting in Time-off Request now sorts in alphabetical order by last name.
– The employee name sorting in Process Paychecks now sorts in alphabetical order by last name.
– A minor audit trail entry improvement was made when added Timeoff Adjustments.
– Added salutation and middle initial to the Employees list.

Tax Table Update:
2019-04-11 Changes:
– DC Family Leave (District of Columbia) – new employer-paid tax due quarterly starting 7/1/2019.
– KY Campbell Co. (Kentucky) – corrected TaxableWages logic (no change to tax calculation) NJ Disability (New Jersey) – corrected wage base for 2019
– NJ Disability Employer (New Jersey) – corrected wage base for 2019

Fixes and Improvements:
– Corrected an issue on the Sales by Tax Code report where items with no tax code were not displaying.
– Added a new Condensed Report option to the Condensed Income Statement by Department-Wide report. This option creates an entirely new report style.

New Schedule Board:
Fixes and Improvements:
– Added a Clear All Filters button for the Unscheduled Word Order list.
– Corrected issue where switching profiles were not filtering the employees correctly.

Other Enhancements and Features:
– Added a Lock Price Against Discounts feature to items. This will allow you to exclude certain items, such as a Diagnostic or Travel Fee, from being discounted.
– Improved the layout of the Make Deposit form so that it functioned more like other forms in the software. We also make it impossible to accidentally save a zero dollar deposit.

Sales Commission for Service Agreements:
– The labels and descriptions were updated to better reflect what the feature is designed to do.
– Improved labeling for the Multi-Day and Repeating Work Order feature.
– Added Contact Log Definitions. This will be used in the upcoming Excel Dashboard feature.
– Added Chart of Account Definitions. This will be used in the upcoming Excel Dashboard feature.
– Improved Document Link validation for URLs.
– Added a new “Alternative Pay To” field to the Edit Address feature on checks. This will make it possible to quickly change the Pay To, rather than accepting what is shown in the selection list.
– Set Credit form. Add Select All and Clear All button.
– Added a “Select All” and “Clear All” button to the Pay Bills | Set Credit form.
– Added two additional preferences located at Preferences | Customer:Jobs | Company Preferences.
– They are Do Not Auto Fill Department and Do Not Auto Fill Marketing. The idea is to increase accuracy by requiring the information but not automatically adding that information.

We’ve improved the batch emailing feature:
– From the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate list, when five or fewer rows are selected and email is chosen, individual email forms will open. When six or more rows are selected and email is chosen, the process is automated and email is automatically sent in a batch process. A count of successful emails is recorded in the audit trail and failed emails are presented in a message box after the process has completed.

Auto-Submitted (Yellow Screen) Errors Corrected:
– 14 auto submitted yellow screen errors were corrected in this update. Thank you for your submissions.