Total Office Manager 19.5.1600 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update – Version 19.5.1600

Release Date: 05/16/2019

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -DB UPDATE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This update requires an update to your database. This will require that all users log out of the software program so that the update can run. Once the update has run and the first user logs in, other users will not be able to log back into the program in prior versions without being required to update.

Credit Card Charges
– A minor display issue with the scroll bar was fixed.

– A minor display issue related to grouping was resolved.

– In the Payroll Items form, the Earnings list now places inactive line items at the bottom of the list.
– Corrected sort ordering on the Default Class list. Ticket 15726.
– Timesheets for Multi-Day Work Orders were missing from the Employee History. This was a display issue only. Resolved. Ticket 15521.

Items and Inventory
– The reduction lines on the value adjustments are showing the new cost and not the cost the value adjustment was entered for. This was corrected. Ticket 14775.
– The item’s estimated cost is being used to calculate the suggested retail price. It should be looking at the AVG cost if one exists. This was not an accounting issue. Resolved.
– The transaction details within the inventory history report are not keeping transactions together within the report. Resolved. Ticket 14756.
– The quantity on the Inventory History Report for some inventory item types is showing incorrectly.  Resolved. This was not an accounting issue. Ticket 14744.
– The Group tab was added back to the Item History form. This tab displays the various group items that the item is part of (if any). Ticket 15913.
– The “Total Qty” field on the invoice item list for serialized item types are incorrect.  This was a display issue only. Resolved. Ticket 14741.
– Price on Invoice created from Work Order or Estimate was changing based on item setup not what was on the originating form. Resolved Ticket 16166
– Filtering Invoice Item List by Qty. Resolved Ticket 16442 & 16443
– Issues addressed when building item assemblies. Resolved Ticket 15549
– Item Labor minutes display Resolved Ticket 15663

Batch Service Agreement Renewal
– We added preferences related to capturing information from the Customer:Job for and the original invoice.

Old Schedule Board
– Employees who do not have the box checked to “Show on Dispatch Board” can be selected to include in a Profile and appear on the Schedule Board. This was fixed. Ticket 11174.

New Schedule Board
– Added a column called “Show On Board” to the profile employee selection grid to indicate whether or not the employee is set to display.
– Added the ability to turn off mapping on a global basis. This preference is located at Preferences | Appearance | Company. If you don’t want this feature, turning it off may speed up your schedule board.
– Added Map Code to the list of available Unscheduled Work Order columns.
– Fixed a bug that could prevent certain user preferences from saving.

Invoices and Estimates
– Corrected a situation where the wrong invoice style could be used when emailing. Ticket 15807.
– Corrected a minor text alignment issue on email invoices.
– Estimate fields were changing when selecting a different customer. This was resolved. Ticket 15729.
– When copying a Group Item type, the estimated cost field was being populated. It no longer does this. Ticket 15732.

Vendors & Bills
– Setting Credits on bills causing overpayments Resolved Ticket 15567

Work Orders
– The Cost field was sometimes incorrect with direct cost related markup methods applied. This was a display issue and not an accounting issue. This was corrected.
– We no longer highlight certain fields as you tab through them. This is a behavior change by popular demand. Ticket 15522.

Customers and Customer History
– When preference “Only Load Customer: Jobs with a Balance on new payments” is checked and you use “Look Up” to select a customer without a balance it does not load the customer to the invoice. Resolved. Ticket 15578.
– Improved the date selection functionality.
– Display issue with the body of  an emailed Work Order Resolved Ticket 15234

Adjusting Journal Entry
– Improvements were made to load large customer/vendor/employee lists faster.

– Could not view totals at the bottom of the Sales Summary Report. Resolved Ticket 15280
– Executive Summary Report. Resolved Ticket 16390

– When a preference is enabled to not include customers in the Pay to the order on a check, creating a check from the Customer History Checks tab will not load prefill the customer record. This was corrected. Ticket 15525.

Audit Trail
– We made significant speed improvements to the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail now conforms to the List Speed Optimization preferences.

Yellow Screen Errors
– All yellow screen errors submitted since the last update have been addressed.