Total Office Manager 20.5.1400 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update

Release Notes for Version 20.5.1400
Release Date: 5/14/2020 (rolling release)

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support. We have been working hard to make this the best software possible. We are proud of our latest version.

Database Update

This update requires an update to your database. This will require that all users log out of the software program so that the update can run. Once the update has run and the first user logs in, other users will not be able to log back into the program in prior versions without being required to update. 

Important Payroll Setup Notice

Please check your employee Taxes tab information and make sure it is correct.

Users have reported what they believe is incorrect payroll tax calculations. We have discovered setup issues at Employee > Payroll Items > Tax Info tab. The Tax Info tab holds default information used when adding new tax line items in the Taxes tab. The payroll system does not read information from the Tax Info table.

  • We added a label, tools tips, help topic link, and message box to the Tax Info tab. We also updated the tips that appear when you tab through the Taxes tab.

Total Office Manager Enhancements

  1. We have completely rebuilt the credit card processing system. It contains numerous security improvements including full tokenization and more. Batch processing speed has been significantly improved. We have built a utility that will convert credit card numbers to tokens. This work includes USA and Canadian processing. It is currently in beta testing.
  2. We discovered and corrected the needless list refresh events that caused delays while working in certain major lists. Lists would refresh for no obvious reason. This would cause the user to wait for the refresh event to complete. The “bookmark” was also lost. This could cause the row you might be clicking, to jump to another location. This work will help reduce software freezing and non-responsiveness.
  3. Improved the Refresh Price Each feature so that it updates pricing under all circumstances. This option is under the Menu button in estimates, invoices, and sales.
  4. Added a Fill-Down Department feature (like found on the Bills form). This was added to credits, invoices, sales, and estimates.
  5. Added a Type Listing to Item Categories.
  6. Reworked the Group Item Total. When viewing a Group Item on a form, the footer now include “Total” to hopefully make it more clear that this is not a subtotal. Example: It now reads “OCH-0316-0020 – Total”.
  7. Added Manufacturer’s Number to the Inventory, Non-Inventory, Serialized, Service, and Other item types. The User Filer and Quick Filter include this new option.
  8. Added a complete Asset History form. This includes sales, invoices, estimates, checks, bills, vendor credits, purchase orders, and other (which includes credit cards). Note: We have already added an Asset selection to the PO form.
  9. On the new Asset History form, we moved the current “Assignments” tab into it.
  10. Changes to the Help Menu. We removed Index, Contents, and Search from the menu. We replaced those with a link to That is where you will find updated help topics and much more information. We changed the links to our software manuals, so they now point to the latest version on our support website. has and is receiving significant updates on a regular, consistent, and ongoing basis. We will be adding direct links from software forms to its corresponding help topic. This work will appear in future updates.
  11. We added additional “What Best Describes” options to Work Order Type and Contact Log Topics.
  12. Updated 2020/2021 Unemployment Wage Base Additions.
  13. Added a Fixed or Variable Expense selection to the COA Expense Type. We added this new column to the Budget. We will be using this information in our Contractor Compass™ system of dashboards.
  14. Added a “Mail From” field to the Internal Emailer. This allows you to enter something other than an email address.
  15. Added several additional columns to the Bills List. Ticket #21995
  16. Added a male and female gender selection to the Payroll Setup form. This will be used for Aptora Mobile Form Builder and for an upcoming Contractor Compass™ HR Dashboard.
  17. We made several small enhancements to the Inventory Replenishment form. These were brought up during our live monthly webinar with James Leichter.
  18. We improved the Mileage formatting on Employee Time Sheet Report, in preparation for a new feature. Ticket #12363
  19. Widened the Search Box on the Invoice list and the Customer:Job list.
  20. Added the main phone number field to the WO Contact Log.
  21. Disabled FUTA/SUTA fields on Payroll Deduction Item. This was done for recent payroll compliance.
  22. Added a label to the Custom Report Grid Lines form and changed the caption so that the purpose and use of the form is more obvious.
  23. Added a Work Order Type Merge Utility. This allows you to merge WO Types like you can with COAs and other records.
  24. We had a feature request related to changing the way the TDBA report functioned. We added additional report options to accommodate the new and old way. Ticket #22169
  25. We added a Time Zone Offset to the Audit Trail and the Security Labels found at the bottom of almost all forms. This feature will only be seen when you are using our hosting service.
  26. Added and corrected various tooltips located in the Invoice Item form.
  27. Added new menus for the upcoming Contractor Compass™ Dashboards.

Bug Fixes and Fine Tuning

  1. Display issue with the Bill Payment Details report. Ticket #20862
  2. Fixed an issue with Batch renew Service agreement with escrow not following the selected “Use Contact and Sales Tax Information” (Escrow Accounting on). Ticket #22976
  3. Payment Details report was incorrect. We updated the field. This was a display issue and not an accounting issue. Ticket #22843
  4. Group Item Avg Cost Incorrect. Fixed. This was a display issue and not an accounting issue. Ticket #22572
  5. Customer:Job List ID Filter Not Working. Ticket #22573
  6. On the Internal Email system, fixed an issue that could duplicate the Email Closing/Signature. Ticket #22739
  7. Bill Approval on PO Amount was not always saving. Ticket #23375
  8. A/R Payments sometimes over-applying. Ticket #23431
  9. Marketing Return on Investment label was cut off. Ticket #23574
  10. PO List Not Sorting by PO Number.
  11. AP Aging Report Incorrect. The report was corrected. This was a display issue and not an accounting issue.
  12. The Document Links List was sometimes not refreshing.
  13. Minor cursor placement in the Employee Name field.
  14. Removed the Un-Scheduled Work Order form that was only opened from the old schedule board. This form was redundant and offered no additional functionality not already on the old schedule board.
  15. Fixed a Budget List filter issue.
  16. Fixed eight automatically submitted yellow screen errors.

Schedule Board


  1. When in our hosted environment, the ‘Check for Update’ button in the About window will no longer show. We take care of all updates, so this option did not apply.
  2. Improvements made to the Statistics button. Added two stats to the statistics window including the number of callbacks and number of planned maintenance calls. Changed background color from green to white. Changed the text color from white to black.
  3. We now save Major and Minor Tick Lengths. This was suggested during our regular monthly webinar with James Leichter.
  4. If a change occurs in the database, instead of the Refresh button turning red, it will now just refresh. Remember, the schedule board is also on a two-minute refresh timer.
  5. Grid and Map now more closely follow the selected profile. Added clustering so that work orders that are close together on the map will be assembled in a cluster. Before, the work orders would stack over the top of each other making it so some were not visible. The cluster can be clicked, and it will expand out all the work orders within it.
  6. You can now change the background color of the main schedule board area.
  7. We attempted to have the Work Order Duration display as a popup when the WO was dragged. This was not able to be achieved in the old schedule board way. Instead, the duration is a field that can be added to the WO Layout. You can access the WO Layout settings in the schedule board settings.

Bug Fixes and Fine Tuning

  1. Work Orders with customers that have special characters were not always saving.
  2. The map stretches and distorts when made bigger or smaller.
  3. Removed the ability to close the search bar in ListView.
  4. The Date Format preference was not always being displayed properly.
  5. When changing the schedule board setting of ‘Orientation’ to ‘Horizontal’, the horizontal orientation added an extra blank row on top.
  6. In the schedule board settings, using the slider for ‘Header Width’ and ‘Header Height’ did not always resize correctly.
  7. Icon images not showing properly in the Edit WO or Appointment Layout tab.
  8. The Profile list did not always close the way it was intended.
  9. The WO Stage Column was not populating with the correct information.
  10. Schedule Board was not always recognizing the switch from a standard work order to a multi-day work order.