Total Office Manager 21.5.2600 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update

Release Notes for Version 21.5.2600
Release Date: 05/29/2021 (for hosted users)

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Database Update

For on-premises users, this update will require all other users to be logged out so that the database can be updated. Cloud users (hosted) will not need to update their database.


The following contains feature requests submitted by users like you:

  1. JL334: Improved the message boxes associated with the Work/Ship Date on invoices.
  2. JL334: We no longer populate the Invoice Work/Ship Date when create from an Estimate. That date is most likely not correct, and the issue was not being caught by users.
  3. Ticket None: Added color scheme and sorting to the Equipment Type dropdown on Invoice Items.
  4. Ticket None: The 2011 W3 was removed.

Bug Fixes and Fine Tuning

  1. JL225: Refresh Price Each option not working correctly.
  2. Ticket 28612 and Ticket 28719: Form W3 Not Filling Properly
  3. Ticket 30569: Inactive accounts (with no balance) showing on Multi Department Summary Income Statement.
  4. Ticket 7285: Fixed Projected Total on Estimates and Invoices. The amount should be recalculated to a value that is such that when the tax is added it should equal the projected total.
  5. Ticket CSM100: Print Active Window opens browser, as if the user pressed just the F1 key. Shift+F1 and Shift+F2 have become Shift+F2 and Shift+F3 respectively.
  6. Ticket None: Fixed an issue that could cause orphaned records in the Equipment Type table.

Yellow Screen Error Submissions

These are the unanticipated errors that open a form with a yellow background. We appreciate any information that users add to this error message prior to clicking the Submit button.

Fixed yellow screen errors with the following text in the error message:

  1. isTaxable() Subscript out of range
  2. lstSerials_DropDownOpen() Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.
  3. validateSA() Subscript out of range
  4. grdAdditionGroup_ButtonClick() Invalid use of Null
  5. saveEmpls()Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint
  6. updateRecord() FOREIGN KEY constraint FK_Vendor_Bills
  7. DiscountDate() The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context.
  8. InvoiceAverageCost_ByDate() Invalid character value for cast specification.
  9. voidInvoice() Operation is not allowed when the object is open.