Total Office Manager 21.6.2400 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update

Release Notes for Version 21.6.2400
Release Date: 06/25/2021 (for hosted users)

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Database Update

For on-premises users, this update will require all other users to be logged out so that the database can be updated. Cloud users (hosted) will not need to update their database.


Added distinction to the preferences where the preferences that are also used in mobile are marked with a blue font. (31236)

Bug fixes and Fine tuning

Corrected an issue were some users were getting a security violation  when opening new schedule board using the Tool bar button (30933)

Corrected an issue  where the Item Lookup by Vendor Alias not returning  results if there was not a vendor selected ( 30997 )

Corrected an issue where an inactive sales tax group was not prompting to be corrected on save of the invoice.  (30580)

Corrected an issue were some customers experiencing data loss on the work order table (30984)

Some service providers are now converting SMS to MMS which avoids the limit and negates the text messaging spanning and  recognizing size limit of the message(31083)

Corrected an issue where a  subtotal and service agreement discount where being added to a work order for  customers without active service agreement (30869)

Corrected an issue where the  timecard import was not adding the proper information for  job costing reports (30574)

Corrected an issue where the description of work on an AIA Payment application was not populating  for some customers (31065)

Corrected an issue with processing ACH transactions through Batch EPay (31226)

Corrected a display issue on the sales tax by tax code report. (31177)

Corrected an issue where the default warehouse was not populating on a new credit card charge (31185)

Corrected an issue with the “Include Invoiced Work Orders” check box not filtering properly on the assign work orders form from the invoice. (31001)

Corrected an issue where transactions where not opening from the drill down report for Other direct Costs on the Job Costing Overview report. (30934)

Corrected an issue with the quick filter of “Phone (all) on the Customer: Job List. (31126)

Corrected an issue Extra withholding on the state income tax for Idaho. (31164)

Corrected a calculation error (rounding) that could happen in specific situations on the Sales Commission Tracking report. (30392)

Corrected an issue were some of the generated data that is populated for the Alternative SMTP Email was duplicating.  (31103)

Corrected an issue where some changes to a work order where not saving properly. (30533)