Admin ability to “kill” a user

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When installing an update, most of the time all users need to be logged off and closed out of TOM.

Unfortunately, many of our users like to just stay logged in and leave for the day. A different software that I used to use had a feature that Admin (or anyone else with permissions) could “kill” the user from their own workstation.

This would be extremely helpful so that when a user is still logged in, we don’t have to (1) run around to their computers to try to close TOM and (2) usually have to try to contact them in order to gain access to their computer.

I know, there are internal controls that should be in place for both closing the program and accessing other employee computers so just a thought on adding this capability for anyone that does not have the internal controls in place.

2 thoughts on “Admin ability to “kill” a user”

  1. This would be very helpful! I was just reading the newest release notes and the fist thing I always look for is if all users have to be logged out. We have users all over the shop, working remotely, etc. and it is a major undertaking to track down “who is still logged in” when trying to download updates.

  2. I am going to approve this. However, we are trying to come up with a way to knock people off reliably. It turns about to be far more difficult due to new operating system security measures. Ultimately, I am not sure what what will happen with this request but I also would like to see this done.

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