Bulk Inventory Qty Uploading


The inventory Qty uploader (Import field) needs three fields to be added, Plus one optional field

a. Department,

b. Account (This will allow the appropriate Inventory shrinkage account to be applied to the adjustment – Not the default “30010 – Opening Bal Equity” account, which is misleading )

c. Memo (allowing specific details to be entered about the adjustment – not the default “Initial Quantity” memo which is definitely misleading )

Optional: Customer:Job – This may be needed in the future but we are currently not using it.

*** This will allow for an inventory to be done by warehouse in bulk

5 thoughts on “Bulk Inventory Qty Uploading”

  1. This has been approved. We will write it up next week and most likely do the work next week. This should be in a TOM update fairly soon. Thanks for the request.

  2. Here is what I gave to the engineer to do. This work was completed this week and off to be tested. I am not sure you will have this by next week but you should have it by the week after that. It is hard to say. I wish I could offer a precise date.

    Change the label “Qty” to “Qty to Add”

    Add These Fields (none are required)
    Add “Account”
    Add “Department Alias”
    Add “Customer:Job ID”
    Add “Memo”

    The new account field will be the COA account number. If it does not exist in the import file, use the current Opening Balance Equity (which we use now).

    If the import memo field is blank, change the current text of “Initial Quantity” to “This adjustment was imported”. Otherwise, use what was in the import file.

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