Custom Report Builder

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Give users the options to build their own custom data views and reports.

4 thoughts on “Custom Report Builder”

  1. Right now, you can write queries and build reports right out of the database, inside SQL Server. It is not for the average user though. We do have users that do this, so it is very possible.

    We do have plans to create a CDV builder.

  2. This is a great idea. The Custom Data View list is getting so big it is difficult to navigate. Then when you find a View you think you can tweak it to fit your need, you find out that an important field is missing from that View and you are not able to create your own Report Form to suit your needs.
    Reporting on our own data is VERY unique to each business. We all have our own ideas of how we want to look at our data to best run our businesses. Having a Custom Data View Builder would give us the ability to create the the reports that each of us need to run our businesses more efficiently.

  3. I am going to call this Approved. I have no timeline but we plan to do this for sure. We are in the process of designing it along with a completely new reporting system. Stay tuned.

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